Thursday, 15 January 2015

iPhone Snaps & Bits: GET TOASTED 2015

Start of 2015 and I'm excited what it has to offer. We did not do anything exciting to welcome the new year. Work has pretty much taken over and it sucks to have it that way. Though things will change this 2015! I have decided to focus more in making great content for you guys, also to really sit down and have time to myself. 

As most of you guys know, me and my boyfriend loves food. We try to go to different places preferably cafes to see what the environment is like, and of course if the food is worth checking out! After a long while of hibernation, we finally headed to town to see what's up. Apparently there's this new toasted sandwich place that I did not know existed! The place is called TOAST IT and it is located  at 103 Vivian Street, Wellington. They also have a website with tons of information, check here. I would say it is a fancy place to get your kiwi toasted sammies! The interior is very organic and modern. It is quite a big place with lots of seating which is always a plus, though we went there on the day where it is not busy. I'm thoroughly impressed with the quality of toasted sandwiches they have. The menu selection and the sandwich fillings are simple but my oh my they are the tastiest! I would highly recommend you guys check it out if you happen to visit Wellington! 

To end the day, we spent our evening at our friend's place in Eastbourne. It feels like holiday in her flat. The view is stunning, she gets the most incredible sunset view. 

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