Monday, 12 January 2015

Protective Summer Base

Now that it is the peek of summer down under, it gets hotter and more humid every day. Finding a foundation that won't slip and slide especially for my oily skin girls is hard. I use the Garnier BB Cream and it works great but the only downside is the color match. It tends to come out real pink against my skin tone, so I put it back to my inventory. 

However, I have a few foundations that I really love but is not very summer friendly. For one, they don't have SPF or contain only a little amount of SPF, and two they tend to be quite heavy and full coverage. This summer, I want to protect my face as much as I can to prevent premature wrinkles and what not and at the same time have that coverage I want. So, I came up with my own base formula where I mix my favorite foundation with a moisturizing sunscreen lotion from OLAY with SPF 30+. The most SPF a foundation contains is SPF 20 which is reasonably good but not good enough especially if you're under the sun most of the time. So adding more SPF will definitely help to prolong the UV protection also it helps moisturize my skin without looking caked up and heavy. The two foundations that I rotate are the CHI CHI Fabulous & Flawless Foundation (No. 8), and Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (Honey Bronze). Both this foundation gives full coverage and lasts all day through humidity. My favorite tool to apply this is my Real Techniques Beauty Sponge or Beauty Blender as it gives a nice even application of the foundation.

How do you get your face protected this summer?

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