Sunday, 13 December 2015

BEAUTY GRAB | Repurchasing the OG + New Find from M.A.C

A couple of weeks ago, I paid a visit to M.A.C store to repurchase some products that I needed. Ofcourse being me, I came out with two other products that I don't necessarily need! Happens to everyone!
I ran out of my Prep & Prime Fix Plus setting spray about a month ago and it feels strange! I never got around to repurchasing another one because I have other products to finish. I can totally see a massive difference in my makeup whenever I don't use fix plus! There's something about the product that makes my skin feel amazing! I use it before and after makeup to add moisture whilst setting my makeup in place. Can't forget the good old Studio Fix Powder Foundation. I remember this was my first ever high end powder. I love to use this as a touch up powder as my makeup tends to fade through out the day. It adds coverage and mattifies the skin. However, it can get a little too powdery / cake-y so a little Fix Plus would help!

My Velvet Teddy is getting beat up everyday, so I think it was time to find an alternative shade that would be in the same family shade. Hug Me is the cool toned version of Velvet Teddy which complements well with my skin color. I would describe the shade as mauve, pinky brown with a lustre finish. It will give a nice sheer tint and gloss to the lips. I'm excited to use this for future makeup looks. M.A.C powder blushes are my favourite kind of formula. They have a wide range of colours and finish! Personally, my favourite type of finishes are matte, pro longwear, and sheer tone shimmer! I added the shade Fleeting Romance to my collection which is a Pro Longer powder blush. The shade is best describe as coral which is a perfect color for summer! Pro Longer formulas are great because of their longevity hence the name! 

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