Saturday, 12 December 2015

Pin-pointing Acne With Spot Treatments

For the longest time, I have been suffering from acne. However this year by far is the worst. Last year was indeed a joy when I started using the Loreal Skin Perfection range. It dramatically changed my whole skin. Fast forward a couple of months later, it all went downhill when I started trying out new products. My skin did not like it and decided to have a breakout party! Mind you it wasn't just a breakout, but it got to the point where its cystic acne and would stay for months! I knew I had to bust out my good old spot treatment products. One tip I can give is finding the solution / ingredients that works great for your skin. Mine happened to be sulfur, zinc, and salicylic  acid. 
KATIALIS Sulfur Cream - This product is sulfur based and I have been using this product since I was a teenager. It has a really strong medicated scent that lingers but once you get used to the scent, it goes away. I could put a tiny bit and it will dry out the acne overnight! The only downside is, it can leave my skin dry and flakey after 2 days of use. That's I know it is working. I do use a moisturising mask in between to avoid severe flaking. 

Clean & Clear Advance Clearing Spot Gel - I find that salicylic acid works great on my skin. However the results can be slow but I love to use this under makeup. It is a clear gel so it is great under moisturiser or makeup!  I often mix it with my daily moisturiser to get a full effect and prevent any breakouts from happening throughout the day. Another thing I love is the scent! Unlike any other medicated acne products, this has a pleasant perfume / fruity scent. 

Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask - Charcoal is said to work best with oily / acne prone skin. It simply helps unclogged pores, absorb excessive sebum leaving the face smooth and clear. I have been all over this mask for 2 years now and it simply one of the best I've used! Well, next to Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask! My skin feels really really tight whenever I put the mask on, and I feel like that is when you know the product is actually working! My blackheads / whiteheads are gone and my pore size becomes smaller after rinsing! I find that steaming the face before applying this mask works great as it opens up the pores so the product can fully penetrate and unclog the pores. I also use this product as a spot treatment! It lessens the inflammation of my cystic acne overnight and gets rid of small bumps here and there!

So far, these products helps tremendously in making my skin clear. Except for when that time of the month comes where hormonal breakout is out to party! Nonetheless, I swore by these products and would always keep them handy!

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