Monday, 14 December 2015

BEAUTY GRAB | Finally Revisited iHerb After A Year!

iHerb is one of the websites where I first got all my e.l.f Cosmetics and other skincare stuff exactly three years ago! It used to be one of my favourite website simply because they purely organic, high quality products, and their service is simply amazing! To check out these products, click here

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I was casually browsing the website to see what's new till I remember I needed to repurchase my all time favourite mask - Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. And then there's goes other stuff that I purchased simply because of curiosity, and also to try new products! One thing I'm looking out for is their organic skincare range. Having an acne prone skin, I try to look for products that are less chemically and more so on herbal side since I find that these types of ingredients do good for the skin. 

 First product I had a look at is the Derma E Very Clear Moisturiser (RRP $23.34 NZD). It has herbal anti-blemish ingredients which are teat tree and witch hazel. I got drawn into purchasing this product one because of the name and two the claims it says, lastly the reviews I read online. Most people said that you can quickly see a huge difference after a week of usage. So I want to try it for myself because my skin needs some serious rescuing at the moment! 

Retinol is such a subjective topic when it comes to skincare. But I'm not going to go all out and scientific about this ingredient. All I know is that it is the primary ingredient for anti ageing / skin resurfacing products. A lot of people say that retinol can also be used as acne treatment, I tried to search for the closest one I could find. Life Flo Health, Retinol A 1%, Advanced Revitalisation Cream (RRP $23.34 NZD), longest name ever! Reviews told me that this is a winner product to try, so I listened and bought it! I've been using it for 4 nights straight and my skin feels so soft the day after. It is stated to use it twice a week is skin is sensitive, but I've been using it every night and so far so good. I love the packaging it comes with because it looks chic and expensive. 

I've heard about Bdellium Tools for a long time but never really paid much attention to the brand. Until Dani from CoffeeBreakWithDani did a video featuring the eye makeup brushes she loves. It is from Bdellium Tools! I've been getting more into playing with eyeshadows and thought blending brushes would do the trick! Studio Line Blending Brush in 776 (RRP $11.44 NZD) and Studio Line Tapered Blending Brush in 785 (RRP $10.82 NZD). Both brushes are great for blending especially the tapered bending brush! It diffuses the transition color evenly and the bristles feels so soft and fluffy. So far it has not shed a bit and I heard that these brushes are made to last longer which is a plus  in my book!

You can never have enough makeup brushes! Real techniques is one of the affordable brush brands that I really really love! I've had most of their individual brushes for over 2 years and they are still going strong! Recently, the brand branched out and started coming out with brush sets which I didn't really get into until now. Real Techniques Collector's Edition (RRP $28.35 NZD) has three different brushes - Sculpting brush which is perfect for foundation application, cream contouring & highlighting, or powder foundation. Fan brush for highlighting, setting powder application and even contouring. Then the Setting brush for concealer application, simply for all over face setting. 

Then the main reason of why I visited iHerb! Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque (RRP $5.83 NZD) is the best face mask I've used. They revamped their packaging and I personally like it! I use it as a face mask and as a spot treatment. It dries out any cystic acne I have and my face feels super clean after use. 

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