Monday, 6 April 2015

iPhone Snaps & Bits: Autumn 2015

March has been great and definitely the month where I have been so productive and spent most days outdoors. Fun little activities, festivals, and of course food! This year's autumn is definitely the best - we were given great weather, festivals, and good food!

What I did:
- Checked out ASEAN night market for awesome authentic Asian food, traditional performance, pop up stores

- Finally get to finish work early, walked home under the sun. Have not done this in a wee while and definitely missed it! Such a therapeutic thing to do and takes away my mind away from stress/anxiety.

- Beginning to love incorporating sneakers and knitwear to my Autumn wardrobe, also downsizing everything to strictly black and white.

- Ofcourse how can I forget my ripped jeans!

- Cuba festival is finally back! It was gone for a long time and it was about time. One of my favorite festival in Wellington mainly because of the colorful costumes, lively performances, popup stores, and FOOD!

- A long drive around the bay with my brother and stopped by the beach to appreciate life and how perfect the weather was.

- Got to see the full moon in action and it was amazing! Definitely biggest I've seen so far!

- Lastly spent the day with my dearest brother on his born day. We had lunch and went on a shopping spree after! 


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