Thursday, 2 April 2015


Flatting can be exhausting at times especially when it comes to cooking meals. I'm sure anyone can get away with takeaways 90% of the time, unfortunately not everyone have spare money to splurge on food. One thing I learned from flatting is, you can always save a ton of money by making food at home, that are almost as good as your favorite restaurants. It takes a lot of patience and commitment really. There's a ton of recipe books out there or even online recipes using only 5 ingredients if you are on a strict budget or novice at cooking!

One way I like to do is buy all the generic ingredients. Ingredients that you can use in all your dishes (i.e the basics - spices, condiments, meat, etc.). From that I picked the top recipes from the cookbook, good for the whole week. I then buy bits and pieces that are needed for certain dish and I'm all set for cooking! I'm no professional or anything, but cooking is one thing I find therapeutic and enjoyable to do! You can even make it as a activity with your partners, flatmates!



  1. I never cooked until I moved out of home (my parents are both excellent cooks, I didn't need to). I've never lived in a flat where we shared cooking responsibilities but found that I really enjoyed cooking after all. For flatters, recipes with just a few ingredients is important. No one wants a flatmate that takes up 90% of the flat fridge. I started really cooking when we rented our own place, without flatmates, there's something awesome about being able to make a huge mess from a fridge and pantry that is all yours.

    1. I totally agree. I think moving out and having your own place lets you learn things on your own especially cooking!