Friday, 19 December 2014

iPhone Snaps & Bits: Party, Pizza, The View

I have not done this in awhile mainly because I have just been rotating between work and home. The weather has been bad and that made me even lazier to get out and do stuff. Anyway end of November and start of December were pretty eventful. I had work Christmas dinner at The Pines which was heaps of fun and the view of the place was absolutely breathtaking.
When we finally got a great day, the boyfriend and I went for a drive to Karori but since I was not dressed appropriately to go for a walk, we settled by the car park just before Wright's Hill to see the view. Seriously, nothing can really beat Wellington on a very good day! I could stare at the view and never get tired of it. Another exciting thing that happened early this month was the making of express pizza! I was in the mood for cooking one day and decided to make the quickest pizza ever! Contains only 4 main ingredients and there you have your express pizza snack! And lastly, whenever me and the boyfriend are home, we usually do our own thing and later decide to either watch movie or just cuddle in bed. I did not expect that he would take a photo and I thought it was pretty cute!

How's your December so far?

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