Sunday, 24 April 2016

BEAUTY GRAB | 10 Piece Oval Makeup Brush from Ebay

A whole new different look at makeup brushes! When Artis makeup brushes came out with revolutionary toothbrush looking makeup brushes, that supposedly works best when you apply makeup to yourself! Personally, I have not tried the brand as it is pretty costly. MAC Cosmetics also have their own version but I could not find it anywhere in New Zealand. Best place to go was Ebay! Majority of my tech stuff came from Ebay and I love this website! It is definitely a hit and miss but most of the time I get lucky with my purchases! 
These brushes are quite difficult to hunt down especially the ones with reasonable price! But to my lucky, I found a great bargain and I only paid $18.99 USD for 10 piece Oval Shaped Makeup Brushes. The Ebay seller's name is best4choose. The shipping was surprisingly faster than I thought! It took just under 4weeks for it to arrive. Mind you, Ebay shipping can take up to 1.5 months depending on the seller! When I first opened the parcel, it was nicely wrapped with bubble wrap which I don't mind at all. The handle is made out of plastic which felt a little cheap, so when using these brushes, I would recommend to hold the handle evenly to prevent snapping. The bristles are made out of nylon which is mint because it will be easier to clean. Upon feeling the bristles, they are densely packed and feels so soft. 

The face brushes are great for applying liquid / cream products. It will make blending a lot quicker and as a bonus treat, a good face massage! I definitely see a lot of uses for these face brushes. As for the eye brushes, I don't see myself using them for eyeshadows. It feels a bit awkward for blending powder eyeshadows also the shape of it just won't work. A great use to these eye brushes / small brushes are for blending out concealer, doing precise contouring, or for cleaning up under the brows. Maybe I could also use a lot of practice and playing around to figure out which technique these specific brushes are great for. 

I have not fully used the brushes to its full capacity, so I might incorporate it in one of my videos to share my full thoughts on its performance and quality. Overall, I think it is a great twist on the traditional makeup brushes. I wish they would come out with different options especially for the ones that are beginners in makeup.

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  1. I really had a great time reading your blog and I found it more interesting. My one of my addiction is to collect Makeup Brush Set with a lot of colors and different types. Thanks for sharing :)