Monday, 18 April 2016

BEAUTY GRAB | What's New With L'oreal Paris!

Moving took a toll on me especially with my scheduling. But enough about that! I recently found a stash of untouched makeup from L'oreal. I clearly forgot about this stuff, thank goodness for cleaning! These products is already out in the market for you beautiful people to grab! 
L'oreal Paris recently came out with a whole bunch of products which is right up my alley! It is very rare to see drugstore brands come out with eyeshadow palettes. Usually they are in a quad forms or singles which can get pretty annoying to carry around! You can never go wrong with nude palettes and I'm so glad that L'oreal came up with two gorgeous nude palettes! It is definitely my kind of colour! 

The first La Pallete Nude is in the colour Beige. It has a mixture of both warm and cool toned shades which is a dream palette for me! The packaging is compact, comes in a black sleek case, and has a mirror! Swatching the shades from this palette is a bit annoying because the colour pay off  is not what I expected. It comes off quite chalky and powdery. I have not tried it on my eyes so I can't tell you for sure if they are blendable or not. However, the shades are a mixture of matte and shimmer which is helpful in creating different looks. I would probably suggest a great base before hand for the shades to show up.

The second La Palette Nude is in the colour Rose which totally reminds me of the Urban Decay NAKED 3! The shades are array of cool toned rosy shades if you are into that romantic, sweet look. Personally, I'm not digging this palette except for the dark burgundy shade which screams autumn! Again, swatches aren't the best so a great base would help for the shades to show up. The brush on the other hand is actually usable! The sponge tip is great for packing the colour onto the lids or the inner corner. The brush end is great for blending the shades or even smoking up the lower lash line! Well done L'oreal! 

When my eyeshadow game is not strong, mascara and eyeliner is my jam! For the longest time, even before liquid liner was overly hyped, I used to rock that wings through out high school! On the other hand, eyes won't be complete without mascara! It accentuates the eyes, by making it bigger and wide awake! I also like the fact that it flatters the whole look even without eyeshadow on!

The L'oreal Paris False Lash Superstar mascara comes with two tubes and a dual ended brush! One is the primer which will help volumize and lengthen the lashes, and the other end it the normal mascara to coat the primer. I used something like this back in high school and I loved the way it makes the lashes look! Too much application however results to lashes being clumpy and spidery, so if you're not into that look, I would stay away from this mascara! I've only tried this mascara once, and so far I like it! I will do an updated review, with before and after so you guys can see what I mean! 

Pen eyeliners are not my favourite type of liquid liners. They tend to dry out quickly and the tip loses its shape or splits in half! Atleast the ones that I have tried in the past. The L'oreal Paris Super Liner Superstar looks very promising! I like the way the tip tapers as it can give me a controlled line thickness! It does look like a calligraphy brush, only a tad thicker which will make it easier to draw lines. The opacity is okay but it can be build up to full black. I might have to do a look using this eyeliner or an impression even based on how it performs through out the day! 

I'm intrigued with the new products and can't wait to do further tests on longevity and how good it will perform through out the day. I'm overly excited to put the nude eyeshadow palettes to the test because I've seen and read quite a few mixed reviews about the palettes. 

What do you think of these products? Do you like it? Or do you not?

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