Thursday, 10 September 2015

iPhone Snaps & Bits: First Day of Spring

Yay for warmer weather approaching! Unfortunately in Wellington specifically, warm weather does not come until November! Atleast it is getting brighter every day and sunny through out the week.
Couple of days after I got back from my overseas trip, we decided to head out and go for a drive since I was feeling under the weather. I was still recovering from my flu, time zone difference, jet lagged. Luckily, Wellington was at its best. Ofcourse, brunching out is my favorite thing to do. We drove around the bays, for a spot where we can both unwind and relax. Binggo! We found this cafe called Scorch O Rama which apparently is known for serving the best milkshake in town! It is situated across the beach which has this amazing picturesque view. It was a busy day for the cafe, it was quite chilly but we decided to sit outside for some fresh air and to soak some much needed Vitamin D. The food was great and their coffee is one of the best I've had! I could already imagine how busy this place would get once we're into summer! Definitely worth checking out!

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