Saturday, 5 September 2015


Finally doing this tag for you guys! 50 is too much for me to think of so I resonated with 25 :).
Here you go:

1. My real name is Carmela, but people know me as Marie which is my childhood nickname.

2. Standing 5'4ish

3. Did not have a stable home until I moved to New Zealand which now I call my home.

4. I can never go pass a day without having at least 2 big cups of coffee!

5. If I could only have one type of food for the rest of my life, that would be salmon & cream cheese on a bagel.

6. I don't like anything too sweet like lollies and chocolates.

7. But I do LOVE cheese cake!

8. I can comprehend Spanish but never know how to speak fluently.

9. I'm Filipino but people I meet always think I'm either Cambodian or Chinese.

10. I hoard a lot of stationaries and art supplies but never use.

11. Obsessed with candles to the point where I made a batch as a Christmas present to family! 
(Read my blog post here)

12. Extremely OCD & perfectionist!

13. Very impatient! 

14. Always late for meet ups! HAHA

15. I'm awkward and quiet when meeting new people. I never know what to say!

16. I enjoy hand crafted cards for all occasions.

17. I'm allergic to jewellery! (It gives me rash)

18. My nostrils are so sensitive to the point where I can sneeze for 10 times continuously!

19. I get along more with guys than girls.

20. After having medium rare red meat for the first time, I stopped eating any red/ white meat except for chicken and fish!

21. Takes me more than 30 minutes to finish my meal when eating out.

22. I hoard electronics.

23. Very forgetful even if I jot things down or mark it on my calendar with alarm!

24. Scared of colors may it be fashion, makeup wise!

25. I can have at least 5 big cups of tea in one sitting!

There you have it! 25 wee facts about me for you guys to get to know a little bit more!

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  1. 15. I'm awkward and quiet when meeting new people. I never know what to say! <-- Same here!! Hahaha!

    1. AHAHA.. I should've written a great wallflower! But seriously, I get lost with conversations and I much rather sit back and listen than eve start talking.