Sunday, 10 May 2015


Little shopping spree from LUSH after a long day? Yes please! It's been months since the last time I bought something from Lush! I remember the first ever product I bought was the Karma Kream body lotion which landed a spot in my list of all time favorite moisturizers (read my post here). Another two favorite products are the Mask of Magnaminty (thanks to Nicole Guerriero from Youtube) and the Herbalism facial cleanser. Both of the products worked great on my oily skin and it did help clear out my skin. Anyway, my main reason for my LUSH trip was to find a shampoo that works great for dry and irritated scalp. Ofcourse, I came out with other things! 

According to the sales person I talked to, this REHAB shampoo is great for clarifying, soothing and moisturizing the scalp. So I bought the 100g to see if I like it, and I think I do! First time I tried the shampoo, and it gave me a nice minty feeling in my scalp. The scent is minty and fresh which makes it more enjoyable to wash my hair especially after 2-3 days without washing. I might have to go and purchase the bigger size! Since it is winter time, I do get dry and flakey lips, so to counteract that, I love a good lip scrub! Mint Julips lip scrub is by far my favorite out of the lip scrubs LUSH sells. It smells so good and it does a pretty good job on taking off dead skin off my lips! I used to have the Bubblegum lip scrub. I liked it but the scent kind of threw me off. It was way too sweet! It bothered me so much that I had to pass it on. And I have to purchase another tub of Mask of Magnaminty! It is such a great face mask. I like to use it after a long day, when my skin feels dull and haggard. It makes my skin feels soft, fresh, and rejuvenated every after I use! I like to use this to exfoliate and as a spot treatment! 

What are your favorite LUSH products?

PS: While writing this blog post, I just realized that I bought everything in min flavor! LOL


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