Saturday, 3 January 2015

iPhone Snaps & Bits: End of 2014

Towards the end of 2014, our schedule has been hectic and all sorts of things happened. We bought our very first mini oven since I have been into baking mode. I got real excited to bake Christmas muffins which turned out a fail as I used frozen berries as toppings! Definitely lesson learned but at least I got a photo before it all started to melt! Haha. Went "window shopping" on Boxing Day and what do you know, boyfriend takes a shoe selfie while waiting! After that we hit the road to see some family up in Kapiti thank goodness it was not traffic! We had the best gourmet dinner outdoor which is pretty awesome! And on the same day, we met this beautiful dog named Molly. 

What a great way to round up my 2014! Looking forward to 2015 adventures!
How did you spend your holidays?

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