Wednesday, 31 December 2014

#OOTD: On my Cynthia Slide

T-shirt: Element

Skirt: Ally Fashion 

Another day off work, and another day to catch up with my favorite Youtubers, errands, and what not. The weather has been very crap lately, by that I mean sunny today and gloomy/windy the next, vice versa. Well at least it is warm enough to wear short sleeves, jandals, shorts/skirt.  My day to day color scheme is composed of black, white, or gray. You'll be surprised to see me wearing color. This outfit basically evolves around this Cynthia Slides I got from WITCHERY on Boxing Day (see here). The only purchase I made on Boxing Day and I'm proud of myself for behaving! I have been wanting this sandals for a very long time and have been putting it off. I have to admit, with lots of walking involved this sandals aren't very ideal but I guess price you pay for fashion sometimes. I just love the gold detailing and the overall look of this sandals. 

Have you tried any sandals of this style?

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