Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Beauty Grab: ESSENCE XXXL Shine Lipgloss

 Lip glosses has definitely gone a long way from shine, glitter, stain, duo-chrome. When I was watching Dani from CofeeBreakwithDani on Youtube, she talked about lip transformers/switch (see video here). This product has been around for quite sometime but was underrated and never a hype. SIGMA recently came out with what they call lip switch and Inglot also has an extensive collection of the same product. Lip transformer is a type of lipgloss that is designed to alter any color of lipstick, giving it a holographic finish. So when the light hits your lips it will automatically illuminate and give it a plumper, fuller effect. 

Of course being a bargain hunter, I went out and looked for a dupe with a better price and is accessible here in New Zealand. Well what do you know, I found a few from ESSENCE Cosmetics which is one of the drugstore brands with a very affordable price! I bought three from the XXXL lipgloss line and these lip glosses retails for $3.75 each. You can purchase Essence cosmetics from Farmers. The texture of these glosses are quite thick but surprisingly it does not leave a sticky feeling on the lips. The glitters are so fine and subtle that you can barely feel it is there. Packaging is sturdy and it has doe foot applicator.

Out of the three lipgloss I bought, this is the only shade that does not have any glitter, instead it has a duo-chrome finish. 

This lipgloss has got some rainbow flex that will attract the light to illuminate the lips giving you a full and plumper lips. It also gives a nice iridescent sheen.

The last lipgloss has a distinct pink glitter which is probably the only lipgloss that fully changed the appearance of my lipstick. Since the lipstick shade I'm wearing is pink, it made the color a bit lighter and fuller. The glitters may look a bit chunky when looking into the tube, but once you applied it to the lips, it blends in like a dream and does not feel chunky or gritty. The glitters are so fine that you can't even feel it is there!

What's on my face:

Bare Minerals Powder Foundation in 'Golden Medium'

Australis Brow Tint in 'Light Brown'

Jordana Blush in 'Tawny Beige'

Rimmel Wonder Full Mascara 

Milani Color Statement Lipstick in 'Nude Creme'

ESSENCE XXXL Lipgloss in 'Rising Star'

Are you a fan of lipgloss? If so what type of gloss is your favorite?

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