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Sephora has been killing it with new products and brands as of late. The one that I was excited the most is the Kat Von D makeup range. For years, I have been eyeing the Lock It Tattoo range with foundation and concealer which was one of the best and most full coverage foundation probably 4 years ago. It covers pretty much everything from tattoo, scars, acne. Problem is I could not get a hold of the foundation anywhere! Fast forward to this day, Kat Von D expanded her makeup range and came out with a lot of amazing products!

 I was lucky enough to work with Sephora NZ for this blog post. Kat Von D is one of the brands that really interests me to try. The base products are promising and I believe is geared more towards oily skin. Kat Von D prides themselves to be vegan and cruelty free which is awesome. The aesthetics of the brand reflects so much of Kat Von D's character and artistry. Everything seems to be well thought off and the packaging! It gets me all the time! Quality of the products are great and she offers the best and high pigment products at a reasonable price range. 


KVD Lock It Liquid Foundation 'Medium 57' - One of the first KVD makeup product that blew the internet wild. Fullest coverage with high pigment, withstands humidity, lasts up to 24 hours and is oily skin's best friend! The formula was recently reformulated so the consistency is creamy as opposed to it being extremely thick. Scent reminds of MAC foundations which smells somewhat like paint. One pump goes a long way and it covers every scars I have. The only struggle I have is that it dries extremely fast so working in sections is recommended and a brush is an ideal fit for application. I tried using the sponge but I feel like since it is quick drying, it tends to not blend evenly on the skin. I did do 2 pumps to cover my entire face. Packaging is actually my favourite because it comes in acrylic bottle which is very travel friendly, and it comes with airless chamber which seals the product and pumps it without wasting a drop. It also comes in 30 different shades which comes with undertone description to make it easy to match any skin tones. It feels very lightweight on my face and kept me matte for about 7 hours without touch up! I'm impressed with this foundation and I'm glad I was able to try it. 

(You can purchase the foundation by clicking this link )

KVD Lock It Hydrating Primer - A water-based ultra hydrating primer that is great for prepping the skin underneath a long wearing foundation. I liked the feel of this primer. It is very moisturising and for how hydrating it is, it actually created a very smooth canvas for foundation and slightly filled in my pores! This is usually hard to come by with hydrating primers. It made my foundation application easy, and my dry patches and lines were hidden. An overall good primer for any skin types I'd say. The packaging is the same as the Lock It liquid foundation where its airtight therefore the product is fully sealed and not wasted one bit. I'm enjoying this primer in conjunction with the Lock It liquid foundation. Scent wise, it smells quite strong and a bit florally to me but it goes away after a few minutes. 

(You can purchase the primer by clicking this link )

KVD Lock It Makeup Setting Spray - Personally I don't know if this actually helps with the longevity of the makeup but it feels cooling and nourishing on the skin. First off I really enjoy the cucumber scent as it feels fresh and soothing. I sprayed this before applying the primer and after my makeup is done. The mist of the spray is my favourite part! It feels like aerosol sprays but in a bottle form. It does not leave any blobs / splatter in the face and it does not feel sticky whatsoever. For a more refreshing feel, I would put the setting spray in the fridge. Cold spritz of water wakes up the skin especially in the morning. It also helps with preventing the makeup look very dull and caked up.

(You can purchase the setting spray by clicking this link )

KVD Lock It Setting Powder 'Translucent' - A setting powder which claims to be weightless and has micro-blurring technology to create a flawless finish and locked in base. Well, I fully believed all the claims it has! It made my face looked very flawless, my huge pores were certainly blurred out and it does feels very lightweight on the skin. I used this to bake my under eyes and it didn't seem to leave any white cast nore my under eyes felt heavy or tight like some powders would do. In my experience, it is a setting powder which did not really make any wow difference on my makeup. It did helped me looked matte and I would use it again but will I repurchase? Probably not. Nonetheless it is a good setting powder!

(You can purchase the setting spray by clicking this link )


KVD Shade + Light Contour Palette - Another product that has everyone on beauty community go gaga. The palette is composed of three matte highlighting shades and three matte contouring shades, to easily sculpt and shade the face. Personally, the contouring shades did not really work out for my skin tone as it comes off quite reddish tone on my skin. Though the shade Shadowplay works the best on bronzing my face. The highlighting shades works great on highlighting my under eyes and jaw lines. I mixed Lucid and Lyric to get the perfect yellow and peach shade to brighten my dark under eyes. The overall formula of the palette is creamy and smooth to touch. Swatching it by hand, some shades gets a little powdery and a bit chalky but totally transforms when applied using a makeup brush! There is quite a lot of kick back so go very light handed as it is very pigmented! I find that a duo fibre brush such as the KVD Shade + Highlight Contour Brush works best when picking up the powders as you get quite a lot of control of the product. If you are new to contouring and highlighting, well this palette comes with an illustrated instructions and step by step on how to use the palette! 

(You can find this contour palette by clicking this link )

KVD Shade + Light Contour Brush - This is definitely a splurge but was it worth it? I'd say YES!  KVD has the best brushes in the market and it goes hand in hand with her other beauty products! The  synthetic bristles feels very soft and the shape of both brushes perfectly fits the natural contours of the face. The gradient white tips, helps disperse the product evenly. This dual ended brush also came with the most adorable case which looks like a coffin. I thought that was a pretty cool touch to packaging. I can't wait till KVD expand her makeup brush line!

(You can find this contour brush by clicking this link )

KVD Shade + Light Eye Palette - This would probably be a any girl's dream all matte eyeshadow palette! The shadow are composed of all matte neutral shades that you could possibly imagine! All shades feels smooth, creamy, buttery, and highly pigmented. I'm amazed that the shades don't really translate when being swatched! But applying the shades using an eyeshadow brush makes a whole lot of difference. There is a lot of kick back on the eyeshadow shades as well so very light hand is the way to go! I also noticed that after swatching the shades on my arm and I was about to take it off with a makeup wipe, the shades somehow stained my arm especially the darker shades! Apparently, it claims to last up to 24 hours! Crazy to think but because it is highly pigmented, the longevity is amazing! Another good thing is, this palette can double as a face contour & highlight or eyebrow powder! The eyeshadow palette also comes with an illustrated instructions on how to use the palette! It is one of my very first KVD makeup product which I purchased exactly 2 years ago!

( You can find this eyeshadow palette by clicking this link )


My favourite product out of the entire KVD makeup products I've hauled! Lipstick can make a huge difference in makeup! Whether it be a simple look, or a bold look. KVD's Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks has the best pigmentation in the market. The formula has mouse consistency, smooth, very opaque and glides on the lips like butter. Since it is a matte liquid lipstick, super exfoliation and hydration is required to help achieve a flawless application. Due to the extreme pigment, I find that it stained my lips after a full day of wear which stayed true to its claim of being long wearing. It feels comfortable though throughout the day, I can slightly feel my lips getting super tight and dry which is the downside. But nothing a dab of lip balm can't fix! It comes with doe foot applicator and a long wand to help apply the liquid lipstick evenly. Packaging again is an artwork which KVD is well known for and I love it! The range also comes in tons of colours so there is a colour for everyone! I chose to pick up the popular shades to see if it will work on me personally. 

Bow n Arrow - Is described as Fawn Nude from Sephora website. Looking at the colour online, I expected it to be a lot lighter than in person. The undertone however reminds me of MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick which I really enjoy. It is the perfect nude that looks different on different skintones. 

Lolita - Oh boy! I could not explain to you how beautiful this shade is. It is described as Chestnut Rose on the Sephora website. This shade is a great step up to the typical nude lips. It adds a touch of rose for that somewhat girly look but nothing too bright or overpowering. 

Lolita II - Since Lolita made every beauty lover go crazy over the shade, this shade however pulls a bit of orange undertone. It is described as Terra Cotta Nude. Personally, this kind of shade is the ones that I tend to avoid. It looks pretty but I feel like it makes my teeth look overly yellow. It may work for people with paler to medium skin tones. 

( You can purchase these liquid lipsticks by clicking this link )

Wearing all KVD products on my face except for brows, mascara, blush and highlight. For lips I used Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Bow n Arrow topped with lip balm.

These are the products that I hand picked from Sephora NZ website. I'm very thankful and grateful to be working with Sephora NZ to share with you my personal impressions of Kat Von D makeup products. Some of these products are favourites and some are a bit in between. Overall, I really like KVD as a makeup brand. The quality of her products are exceptional, very artistic, and original. The price range is also a great plus because for the quality you get, you cannot beat it in comparison to other brands.

Have you tried any Kat Von D makeup? Which one is your favourite?

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and the links provided are not in any way affiliate links. I'm not getting paid to talk about the brand and the website. If the products linked are not available for purchase, I apologize. You can however click the WAITLIST ME button to notify you when the product is in stock. 

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