Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Remember Wonder Woman?

Remember this collection from M.A.C Cosmetics about 5 years ago? This is one of my first ever M.A.C purchase! Back then, I was not aware of limited editions when it comes to makeup. To be honest, I mainly bought it because of the packaging. Fast forward 5 years later, I cleaned out my makeup drawers and saw this eyeshadow quad. I could not believe I haven't touched this palette for that long. I contemplated whether to throw it away or sell it online, but the more I look at the shades the more I see many uses out of it! To my surprise, these eyeshadows are still in good shape (pigmentations, blend ability, etc.).
Smokey eyes used to be my go-to even for everyday but I tend to stay on the bronze/gold shades. Personally, color is not my thing but then again stepping out of the box is always fun! This palette is composed of 4 earthy tone greens which can be worn dramatically or light wash of color for daytime wear. The kind of pop of color I like! 

SHADE NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Manila Paper || Valiant || Diana Undercover || Spinning Transformation
The finish of most shades are frosty which I'm into as it makes my eyes a lot brighter and awake. I also added false lashes (which I suck at applying) to make the look more dramatic. My favorite shades are Manila Paper and Spinning Transformation! Both shades can be worn on everyday basis without it looking too much. I'm glad that I busted out this palette and will definitely use it more often.


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