Tuesday, 26 May 2015


I feel like winter time calls for pamper session the most. Simply because the weather is pretty dry and cold, so our skin tend to feel dehydrated and flakey. Mind you, I have oily skin but whenever it is winter time, I do get dry patches especially around my nose and under eye area. I also suffer from frequent breakout when my skin gets too dehydrated which is quite odd. Took me some time to find products that I can use to help clear my skin as well as add moisture back into my skin. 

Mask of Magnaminty from LUSH is my favorite face mask for clearing breakouts and unclogged pores. I would commend this product as a 2 in 1 face mask. It has grounded aduki beans and primrose seeds as an exfoliant to help remove a layer of dead skin cells. Also the peppermint oil helps in making my skin feeling fresh and revived. I like to leave it on for 10minutes (concentrating on areas where I break out the most), pat with warm water to start exfoliating and then fully rinse. It does help with demising small acne bumps in my face also reduce the swelling of bigger acne. 

VITAMIN E Sink-In Moisture Mask from The Body Shop is the one I resort to when my skin feels tight and dehydrated. I use it as an overnight moisture mask to really sink in my skin leaving it soft and supple the next day! The mask has a creamy jell like texture which helps it sip into the skin fast without that greasy feeling. Sometimes I would apply it and leave it for 10minutes, wipe with warm flannel before applying makeup. It makes the makeup application smooth. 

These two face masks are my go-to skin savior this winter! It does wonders to my skin, making it look plump and brighter! 

What's your must-have pamper products this winter?


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