Thursday, 14 May 2015


I get excited seeing new products especially when it's from the drugstore! Products do come late in New Zealand which kind of sucks but we are slowly getting there. The last time I tried Covergirl was when the Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation was all the rave. It was indeed a great foundation and it reminded me of the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in terms of its consistency, coverage, and matte finish. Covergirl definitely hit the mark with that one!
 After couple of years, they formulated another foundation which is meant to feel lightweight and oil free, also offers full coverage, control shine (I'm all about mattifying products!) and would last all day! Behold the Ready Set Gorgeous line! The line comes with a foundation, concealer, and a powder to help achieve a flawless complexion. The foundation is by far my favorite from the line. It applies beautifully and gives a decent coverage even with just one layer! I find that I don't need to set it with a powder as it sets into a matte finish.The packaging comes in a squeeze tube which is great for hygiene purposes and thin enough to fit even in a small makeup bag! My only problem is the color range. I wish they would bring more colors. I had to mix it with my Loreal True Match foundation to make it more neutral as it comes off more pink toned. I like the finish that it gives and it definitely lived up to its claims.

(This liquid foundation's oil-free formula provides medium coverage to even skin tone and cover imperfections. The result is a flawless, natural look that lasts all day.

The built-in powder system fights against shine, pulling oil and sweat AWAY from your face instead of trapping them under your foundation. - Covergirl website). 

As for the concealer, it is definitely lightweight and is great in concealing dark circles! I'm surprised by the longevity and that it did not crease under the eyes. 

Overall I'd say these products are great fro everyday wear especially if you have normal/combination or oily skin. It retails for under $20 and is available at Warehouse. 

Have you tried this product yet?


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