Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Napoleon Perdis Cotton Butter Lip Balm

Do you guys remember when chubby sticks were highly hyped? Well I kind of jumped in with the bandwagon and purchased some for myself. I think it was early last year (2014) when I purchased a set from Napoleon Perdis which was part of their summer/holiday limited edition product. I'm definitely guilty of purchasing products and let them sit in my drawer for a long while, then they're forgotten. But every time I clean out my drawers, the excitement of being able to find things that I have not touched/ used is better than purchasing new makeup! You find instant gems from your forgotten makeup.
I got sucked in mainly because the set included different shades of nude chubby sticks. Ofcourse nude lipstick is everything so to get 3 different shades is awesome! The shades are brown nude, pink nude, and a coral nude. These are called the Cotton Butter Lip Balm from Napoleon Perdis. The formula is glides in the lips like butter, it is also moisturizing, and fairly pigmented which I like for a lip balm. 

Like any other chubby sticks, it comes in a twist packaging which saves you hassle from sharpening the pencil every now and then. 

 'Doreen' is the lightest shade and probably my least favorite out of the three. It comes off way too pale against my complexion. I would probably use this shade more as a highlight shade or pair it with a dark lip pencil to bring out the color and add dimension to my lips. 

'Kris' is a great everyday pink. It gives a good wash of color for minimal makeup days.

'Sigrid' is my favorite shade as you can tell from the tip, its been well loved and used. It is a darkish nude which I like since I do have pigmented lips. It gives a nice even color to my lips as well as great for days with dark eyes or even for minimal makeup days.

This Cotton Butter lip balms are great purse product. One for it being moisturizing and soothe the chapped lips as well as add a color to the lips to avoid looking sickly. I would recommend this set but unfortunately it is limited edition. If you are looking into purchasing a good lip balm/chubby lip balms, Revlon has a wide selection of finish and shades as well as Clinique.

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