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LUST HAVE IT! November Beauty Pack Unboxing / Thoughts

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It is that time of the month where Mr Post Man delivers something exciting right in front your door. I am please that it arrived early as I was expecting it to arrive around mid December. Totally cool, that means I can try the products on early and share my full thoughts. 

For November's beauty pack, it is all about treating your skin and hair for healthy shine, also some illumination for healthy summer glow. If any of you don't know, Lust Have It is an Australian based beauty subscription company that provides up to 6 deluxe samples ranging from skincare, nails, makeup, and hair. All of these for only $19.95 per month which is great considering you occasionally get full size products, and for the price it is a win win situation! For more detailed information about how it works check full details in their website here

Other subscription boxes they provide:

$29.95 quarterly

$35 per month


If you are interested in signing up, click here

ESSENZZA Fuss Free Natural Japanese Facial Treatment Masks *full size* (RRP: $4.95)
I love me a good mask, and this one happened to be a sheet mask which is even better! It is less mess and fuss free (hence the name). It contains 'Citrus & Pineapple Enzymes are renowned for minimizing fine lines and leaving the skin silky smooth. By breaking down dead skin cells, this mask will leave the skin fresh and gently exfoliated.' Interesting and I think my skin will enjoy a good gentle exfoliation.

NATRALUS Paw Paw Pure Gel *full size* (RRP: $6.15, 30g)
Who does not love a good ointment that can do everything! I know I do and I am a fan of the Luca Paw Paw ointment. This gel contains Organic Aloe Vera with Vitamin E which helps soothe, relieve, and rehydrate dry and damages skin. The main use of Paw Paw ointment for me is to moisturize my dry lips, but it is also good for itchy bites, dry cuticles, or soothe my heat rash. The size of this sample will last me forever as you only need the tiniest bit! It is also non oily, non sticky and a good summer must-have!

AVEDA Color Conserve Daily Color Protect *deluxe sample* (RRP: $49.95, 100g)
For those who loves to color their hair very often, this leave on treatment is great for preserving hair color for up to 6 weeks! Not only that, it also have natural ingredients such as larch tree to seal in the color, green tea antioxidants to protect against environmental stressors, cinnamon oil to help protect hair color from UVA/UVB damage. Everything sounds promising but will see if it will work in my colored hair. It does not seem to say anything about conditioning the hair, so I guess you use another moisturizing conditioner? With the size of the product, I don't think I would be able to try it and see the full effect as I have long thick hair. Nonetheless it is a great product to know more about.

THE COSMETIC KITCHEN Pressed Mineral Blush *full size* (RRP: $34.95)

I've received another The Cosmetic Kitchen product from Lust Have It about 2 months ago. It was the highlighter. I got real excited when I saw a compact in my beauty pack. Thought it is some kind of a powder at first but I'm happy that its a blush. A pure loose mineral blush added with a pinch of jojoba oil for moisturizing and  herbal extracts for extra oomf! The color from the pan appears to be a peachy coral with a bit of sheen to it. As you can see, the swatch appears more as a rose highlighter against my medium-dark skin tone. The texture is smooth and velvety, pigmentation is sheer but totally buildable. I'm excited to rock this color on summer days. Totally gives a nice sheen for a more healthy sun kissed summer glow.

SO SUSAN Water Based Pure Luminiser (RRP: $35.00)
I have never tried a water based highlighter before, nor was I a fan of any liquid highlighter in general. Having an oily skin, I feel like it accentuates my oiliness more than of any powder highlighters. In last month's beauty pack, I received the eyeshadow palette from So Susan as well and the pigmentation is great except for the lighter shades. I would probably use this as an eyeshadow base or an all over the lid color rather than a highlighter. This will be perfect for a barely there fresh makeup look. The pigments tend to separate from the water, so give it a good shake before using to get more opacity. As it is water based, it will blend into the skin and look natural as supposed to looking all caked up.

Overall, I really love this month's beauty pack. I would say more than last month's, simply because I know all these products will put to use. Lust Have It is definitely stepping up their game by putting mixture of skincare, hair, and of course more makeup than usual! It is a great way to try which one works for your skin best and also gets introduced to products I have never heard before. I'm excited to use the Paw Paw gel, treatment mask, and the blush and I can see that it will be included in my daily routine for summer!

Have you received your Lust Have It yet? What do you think of November's contents?

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