Thursday, 20 April 2017


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Eyeglasses can be a bit expensive especially if you suffer from vision problems like I do. The prescription goes higher and so as the frames. Imagine how much you spend solely on prescription glasses? I definitely have been on a splurge for eyeglasses. I always look for quality over the price therefore I tend to spend it on high end brands and notice less products from budget friendly frames as I think the quality is just blah!

 I may have found a solution for you without having to break your bank but still look on trend and stylish! Recently I've come across Optically which is an Australian based website that carries a wide range of eyeglasses to sunglasses at a very affordable price. Starting from $15 up for a prescription glasses, why the hell not! The website ( is pretty easy to maneuver and the options are pretty self explanatory. 

Optically differs from any other website I've visited in the past few months. They have a lot of services that they offer in the website. My favourite one is probably the Free 10 Day Home Trial. In this service, you get to choose four different frames, they ship it to your address within 24 hours and you get to try it at home for 10 days! This way, you get your money's worth and get the best frame that is suited to your face shape. 

If you're not up for waiting for the frames to arrive before trying them on, you can upload your own personal profile photo and try the frames to see how they will look on your face shape. You can find this by hovering into the frame style then there's a button called try on then voila! Another cool service they offer is reglazing, which is basically applicable when your prescription is changed, you wanted the lenses to be fitted on a new frame, upgrade to Kodak lens, or if the lenses are damaged or scratched. For prescription sunglasses (, it is available in sunglasses as well which is perfect for driving and going out and about. Let's talk about the wide range of frames Optically have! I literally browsed for 2 days trying to figure out which frame to go for as there's so many to choose from. They carry affordable brands up to brands like Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Jimmy Choo, Guess, Celine, Hugo Boss etc if you're feeling a little boujee. 

WARNING, this site can get a little overwhelming, so to resolve that they made it even easier by categorising everything by materials, frame shape, price, colours, brands, and style if you're looking for something specific. Also a little side note, if you don't like the frame or not satisfied with the product, they offer an unconditional return with refund and a one time exchange policy. This is definitely handy and you can all do this without leaving your home! How amazing is that?

Optically was kind enough to give me a pair of glasses to try. Since I already own a branded prescription glasses, I wanted to try the more affordable ones to see if the quality is up there. For sure there are tons of affordable glasses and frames out there but quality differs depending where you get it from. I picked the style Walden Alert which is sort of similar to my Tommy Hilfiger glasses, only difference is the thickness of the frame and the nose pads. The delivery took roughly 4 days. The glasses came in with a case which is not the best because it kind of looks cheap but the quality of the actual glasses is amazing! There is a bit of weight to it and the frame looks very high end. The nose pads are very comfortable and I find that I did not have to constantly adjust my glasses throughout the day. For just $39 for the frame plus add ons, for sure you can rock chic and stylish glasses without breaking your bank!

I highly recommend this website. Not only it is easy to use but the quality of the glasses are top notch even for just $20 up! Based on my experience, the customer service is great because they immediately respond to any queries I have. The processing is so easy and you will only wait for a couple of days as opposed to weeks! For my New Zealand friends, don't you worry because they have an office and depot in New Zealand ( which will make it easier for us kiwis to order from the site. I will rate Optically a 9 out of 10 and I'm extremely satisfied with the product I received and the service I've received. 

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