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UNBOXING | Lust Have It! FAB (Fashion & Beauty) Box

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Something new and exciting has finally come to the blog! Lust Have It Women's Beauty bag is my favourite especially me being a makeup junkie but they made it even better by combining fashion and beauty together! For the month of February, I got mixture of products that is perfect for summer!
Lust Have It is an Australian-based beauty subscription service that offers 5-6 deluxe products right in your front door! If you are a regular reader, you would know that I do enjoy the beauty bag that I receive. However, they do offer other subscription boxes such as Fashion & Beauty Box, and Eco Box. For further details and information, head over to their website here.

I also have a coupon code for you wanting to get your hands on your very first box which offers $5 off!

FAB (Fashion & Beauty) box offers the latest trend and hot products on both fashion and beauty! You get twice the excitement quarterly for only $35! It holds 5-7 fashion accessories and beauty products! It is amazing how much they can fit in a bag! 

Konjac Sponge has been around for ages but it was only recently that they get quite the attention they needed! I remember I use to use a loofa with this kind of texture and it actually helped clear my back acne as well as gently exfoliate my body! Having an acne-prone skin, I try as much to avoid any abrasive exfoliating products as it can heavily irritate my skin! I used to swear by a cleansing brush until I realised that it does not really help clear my skin, instead it spreads the bacteria causing my skin to have small bumps! However, these Konjac sponge are amazing! 

Casper & Lewis Konjac Sponges ( Bamboo Charcoal, Green Tea, Original) RRP $49.95 - Perfect for sensitive / breakout / acne prone skin! It nourishes the skin by leaving a colloid film, whilst gently exfoliates the skin for a more healthier, more radiant, more cleaner skin! Out of the three, my favourite one would have to be the Bamboo Charcoal which is great with oily / problematic skin. 

BODYOGRAPHY Eye Pencil 'Virgin' (full size,RRP $13) - White pencils are actually a great tool to have in your makeup bag! It can instantly brighten the eyes by applying it in waterline. Highlight the brow bone, can be used as eyeshadow base, even highlight inner corners and cupids bow! This eyeliner is infused with coconut oil which makes it easy to smudge, and it glides on smoothly without tugging. 

BODYOGRAPHY Oxyplex Sheer Cheek Colour (full size RRP $24) - The puff that came with this blush is co cute! I have not opened or swatched the blush yet so I'm not sure on the opacity of the pigment but the colour is beautiful! It's a peachy pink which is great for that soft flush in the cheeks. Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of mineral blush as I find them to be a bit messy to work with as supposed to pressed / compact blushes. But the colour is undeniably gorgeous that I no longer care much about the packaging!

MeMeMe Eye Inspire Classic Trio Collection (full size, RRP $15.95) - Such fun colours to have especially on summer time! Three complementing colours from light to dark. The colour intensity of the shadows can build up according to the look you're going for!

THE BODY SHOP Drops Of Youth Concentrate (1.5ml sample, full size 30ml RRP $49.95) - Organic anti-ageing potion has come your way, courtesy of The Body Shop! Containing natural ingredients with no parabens, no silicon. Now, this is a great product to have! There are tons of anti-ageing products out there but finding one that is almost true organic is quite hard! I'm glad that Body Shop is coming out with new skincare range mixing technology with organic products to create wonderful skincare potions!

THE BODY SHOP Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer (1.5ml sample, full size 25ml $29.95) - I was extremely excited when this product launched in New Zealand after seeing my favourite UK bloggers  rave about this product! It is an instant healthy fix for a dull looking face especially after a late night! It boosts the skin's natural radiance with a flush of rosy tint, whilst leaving the skin feel velvety smooth and silky! 

THE BODY SHOP Italian Summer Fig Eau De Toilette (1.5ml sample, full size RRP $36.95) - I got this perfume from my Lust Have It beauty bag and I have to be honest, not the biggest fan of the scent. It's a mixture of musky, woody, sweet scent which I find quite a bit strong. However, the musky scent fades away leaving you with a sweet kind of floral scent. I'm more of a body mist spray type of gal so any eau de toilette or eau de perfum, I try to avoid as strong scents can trigger my allergy. Nonetheless, if you like this kind of scent, this is great find from Body Shop!

For fashion bit, I got a vintage statement necklace from COUSSINET. Prices ranges from $32.95-$49.95 for necklace. The website also sells other accessories such as hats, bags, gloves,etc. The crafting in this necklace is amazing and the colour combination is great for that boho chic look for summer. I quite like that the simplicity of the design but still creates a bold statement. This is great to amp up any of my monochromatic outfit! To check out more designs, head over to their website here.

Overall, I love this FAB box filled with fabulous products! My favourite has to be the statement necklace! I'm not an accessory wearer but when I do fancy one, I would wear it on every special occasion I go to! It gives life to my boring monochromatic outfits and definitely perfect for through out the year!

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