Sunday, 26 April 2015


I have experienced having intensely oily face, chapped lips, and flat phone battery before. Trust me, it is not the best thing at all! I learned the hard way, and brought things that I definitely need to get me through the day especially when doing a 12 hour shift! Exhausting I know, but you have to do what you have to do to look decent and not haggard looking to survive such a long day may it be at work or an eventful day.

Portable charger is definitely a must for me! I check social media quite often and use my phone constantly that my battery gets drained fast. It is also handy when you get stuck somewhere and needing to contact someone to save you without having to worry that your phone is about to die. Earphones is a necessity for me. I like to listen to music in between work just so to have a breather from a stressful environment. To save my face from being greasy, I like to keep my Lioele blotting paper handy. It soaks up the excess oil and refreshes my face makeup. When it gets a bit too hot and  makeup starts to melt, I use my M.A.C Studio Fix Powder Foundation to touch up and conceal any redness peaking through. Another must have is a lip balm! I do get excessively dry lips so I try to keep it handy to prevent my lips from cracking. You can never have too many lip balm, so I always bring at least two. Maybelline Electro Pop  lip balm which tints my lips and moisturize it at the same time. I also like to bring my MOR lip balm for extra moisture. 

What are your long day survival kit?



  1. Portable phone charger and headphones are a must! As well as face powder, lip balm, and hand cream for me.

  2. I can relate, I love my portable phone charger absolute lifesaver.

  3. Thank you guys.. I have to agree with the portable charger! Especially now that almost everything is within your fingertips, gotta have that battery life last longer! xx