Friday, 13 March 2015

Winter Ready Lips

Lips is one of the crucial thing to deal with simply because you can get very chapped lips or cold sores which can hurt and it also does not look cute! Thank goodness for lip balms! They come in handy in so many ways especially now that winter season is fast approaching.  

I'm not fussed when it comes to lip balm, as long as I have something to put on my chapped lips I'm fine. But sometimes, it does make a difference when you find that lip balm that works wonders. I've purchased higher end lip balms in the past and I tend to always lose them. From then on I decided to just stick with the affordable ones as the work wonders and as good as higher end lip balms. Carmex is the brand that I've been dying to try but sadly it wasn't available in stores in New Zealand until late last year. It is not available at Farmers or any pharmacies. I love the minty feeling it gives and it does a great job sealing moisture in my lips even after drinking and eating! On lazy days I like to apply it with a lipliner and I'm good to go. 

Have you tried this lip balm yet?

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  1. I've heard about this balm but have never tried it. Sounds pretty close to your name!


    1. I think you can purchase Carmex from ASOS. I saw it on Shay Mitchell's instagram then was interested and googled it. Sadly I could not get my hands on them for ages until late last year! I would not say its the best lip balm but it does the job. Thanks you're so sweet. xx