Friday, 12 December 2014


Now that is season of giving, it can get a little frustrating and expensive! Yeah I know every shops both online and in store have their promotions going on and gift set values, but if you add up the total cost, it is pricier than you've ever imagine! 
Personally, I like to make my own Christmas cards. I get to personalized certain cards to the person I'm giving it to (i.e. mum, dad, sis, nan, aunts, friends). Also it is unique and you can't find it anywhere which makes it extra special! One of the very first post in my blog, was my crafty holiday cards which I made for family (click here to read) 3 years ago I'd say. I was so guttered that I had a real bad quality photo of the cards. This year, thought I would make my own and focus on four different types of cards which are very holiday appropriate and easy to recreate. 



Gold Pen & Silver Pen

Detailer artists brush (any type or brand will do)


Mixing palette / empty ice cream container lid

Watercolor paper (any type or brand will do)

1. First, cut the watercolor paper in a size you desire. I cut mine into A5 and folded it in half.

2. Draw an outline of a picture you want to paint, it could be anything holiday related. I just googled Christmas icons and picked four icons that are easy to recreate.

3. After drawing an outline, lightly brush a wash of color to act as a base color.

4. Intensify the color, and add a bit of shading if you want to make the picture have that 3D effect.

5. Outline the edges with gold or silver pen depending on what you want to go for. You can even use the pens to add little details or do lettering to make the cards prettier. 

And voila there's your very own DIY Christmas cards!

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