Saturday, 3 October 2015

BEST DRUGSTORE FIND: Essence Lipliners

Though many beauty junkies go gaga for the MAC lipliners, I'm over here going crazy with the Essence lipliners! Honestly, it is just as good if not better than any high-end lipliners that is out in the market. The formula of these lipliners are so creamy and opaque that you can seriously wear it on its own. These lipliners aren't retractable but it doesn't bother me as you would only need a couple of swipes and your entire lips is covered! It is blend able to the point where you can sheer out the pigments using your fingers!

You can purchase Essence Cosmetics from Farmers (a New Zealand department store) for under $10. I own four shades - In the Nude which is a pink beige nude that is a tad lighter than my natural lip color. Honey Bun which is my favorite out of the bunch. It is the exact shade as the MAC Velvet teddy lipstick which I love! A perfect brown nude shade. Satin Mauve which is a cool toned mauve. Femme Fatale which is a blue toned bright red which can be paired with either berry lipstick or your ultimate red lipsticks!

(PS: I only swatched Femme Fatale on my lips today since the other shades are almost identical to each other on my lips!)

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  1. I love Essence lipliner! I have Satin Mauve.

  2. Thank goodness Essence cosmetics are now available in Farmers! I used to only get this brand whenever I'm in Australia! Have you tried the bronzer? It is good! Karissa Pukas swears by it!